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Jamuna tv investigation 360 contact number

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Crime takes viewers inside the investigation as theories and evidence are brought to life through fantastic CGI visualizations, state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and degree digital photography. In each episode, we follow one case from start to finish. From the moment detectives are called to the scene, viewers are part of the investigation, experiencing the crime scene from every angle, and the evidence at the microscopic level.

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As the case develops, and the theories change, the graphics evolve, culminating in a full-blown visualization of what really happened. Crime 2 Seasons 30 Episodes Start Streaming. About the Series Crime takes viewers inside the investigation as theories and evidence are brought to life through fantastic CGI visualizations, state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and degree digital photography. Please enter a valid email address. You can opt out at any time.

Watch Without Signing In. Beyond Scared Straight 77 Episodes. Hoarders 15 Episodes. Duck Dynasty Episodes. See All. Create a Profile to Add this show to your list! Get Started Already have a profile? Sign In.Authorities have ordered an investigation into safety measures at the FR Tower. Wreckage of the burnt building is seen in Dhaka on March 29,a day after flames tore through the storey FR Tower. DHAKA, Bangladesh — Police in Bangladesh said on Sunday, March 31, they had arrested the owners of an office tower in Dhaka that caught fire earlier this week, killing 26 people and renewing the country's debate over lax safety standards.

The latest deadly blaze to hit Bangladesh's congested capital tore through the storey FR Tower on Thursday, leaving some of the hundreds trapped inside screaming for help as horrified onlookers massed outside. Police said they had detained two men, S. Faruque and Tasvir Ul Islam — who is district leader of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP — in the capital, after filing charges against them for criminal negligence. He is the 45 percent owner of the building.

He also owns the land on which the building was constructed," deputy commissioner Mashiur Rahman told Agence France-Presse. Senior police official Shahjahan Saju told AFP that Islam, who contested the parliamentary election in December and lost, was arrested at 11 pm Saturday GMT or 1 am Philippine time Sunday over allegations he owns part of the FR building — which authorities have said was extended illegally and lacked adequate fire safety measures.

Police said they were also looking for the owner of the construction firm which built the tower in the s. Some of those stuck inside the burning building, in the upmarket Banani commercial district, made it to safety by sliding down cables on the side of the building, but others took their chances and jumped in a bid to escape the smoke and heat.

Firefighters backed by military specialists — some in helicopters — tackled the flames, lowering ropes to help people escape, while rescuers on long ladders smashed through windows. The arrests came as a senior minister called the fire an act of murder amid growing public clamor for better building safety standards. It is not an accident Nobody will escape the law," housing and public works minister Rezaul Karim told reporters on Friday.

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Authorities have ordered an investigation into safety measures at the tower. Fire officials said the blaze-hit building lacked fire exits and sprinklers, while access to its emergency staircase was padlocked. The city's housing authority later said 5 upper floors in the building were illegally added without official permission.

According to a study by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, most high-rise buildings in million-strong Dhaka have inadequate fire safety measures. Experts said inspections of buildings in the city frequently found fire stairs blocked with stored goods and exit doors locked.

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In a trade sale transaction, the investor can also exercise more control over the whole process, and in certain cases might even end up obtaining a higher value for the company compared to other exit methods. On the other hand, trade sale is not free from potential problems and risks either.

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A trade sale might also entail serious business risks as the buyer is oftentimes a competitor of the company, which will inevitably obtain confidential business information during the negotiation process.It could be as simple as a working car seatbelt.

It took me a few minutes to work out what was so unusual about the car I just had climbed into. It was the very last day of my three week assignment in Bangladesh and myself and the entire team of Investigation Degree had just finished a day of relaxation mixed with work at a site on the outskirts of Dhaka. We were returning to the capital in a minibus when a loud bang shook the vehicle and it came shuddering to a halt in the fast lane of a dual carriageway.

The roads can often be littered with debris and tyres on vehicles are often worn down to the minimum level and so the tyre on our minibus had burst. I climbed into the front seat of another car that had been travelling in our convoy and I could not quite believe my eyes.

In the front passenger seat was an ordinary working seatbelt. With only hours left in my stay in the country I gingerly put on the first working seatbelt I had set my eyes on and at once felt able to breathe slightly more easily. I was in Bangladesh to work with the staff of a weekly TV investigations strand called Investigation which airs on the Jamuna TV station.

I went out on many filming trips in minibuses and a car belonging to Jamuna TV would collect me and take me to and from work each day, but never did I ever come across a working seat belt. When I pointed this out I was usually met with a look of indifference or bemusement. What was I complaining about?

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I have had many conversations with my colleague at about the dangers of working as an investigative journalist in Bangladesh and for a few of them it was their number one concern. They wanted help on making their working environment safer. It can be a risky and lonely business digging out stories of corruption in Bangladesh. Quite often two or three man and they are all men unfortunately at present teams are sent out to fairly remote parts of the country to expose some local corruption often perpetrated by criminal gangs.

They go off on assignment often in the knowledge that were something to happen out in the field there is no one to help them. There is very little realistically that I could advise them in the way of protecting themselves in such situations apart from reminding them that no story is worth a human life. However I was able to help them with smaller scale safety tips but which I thought might actually be of more practical use.

Most people think that investigative journalists are most at risk from the endless line of bad people they end up exposing, but the real truth is fare more boring. One of the greatest threats that journalists face around world are the state of the roads.

Car accidents kill off journalists with great regularity and in fact during my stay in Bangladesh several Jamuna TV staff were badly injured in a car crash while on assignment.Please provide search keyword s. On the other hand, Japan had one of the early cases of COVID but it has maintained a low mortality rate despite not implementing the most strict forms of social isolation.

Japan has been implementing BCG vaccination since Gonzalo Otazu, assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology and lead author of the study, started working on the analysis after noticing the low number of cases in Japan. Countries including Japan and South Korea, which have managed to control the disease, have universal BCG vaccine policies.

Data on confirmed cases from low-income countries was considered not reliable enough to make a strong judgment.

jamuna tv investigation 360 contact number

Iran had also been heavily hit by COVID and it started its universal BCG vaccination policy only in potentially leaving anybody over 36 years old unprotected. BCG vaccination has been shown to produce broad protection against viral infections and sepsis11, raising the possibility that the protective effect of BCG might be not directly related to actions on COVID but on associated co-occurring infections or sepsis. The broad use of the BCG vaccine across a population could reduce the number of carriers, and combined with other measures could act to slow down or stop the spread of COVID Though only a correlation, clinicians in at least six countries are running trials that involve giving frontline health workers and elderly people the BCG vaccine to see whether it can indeed provide some level of protection against the new coronavirus.

A team led by Mihai Netea, an infectious-disease expert at Radboud Universty Medical Centre in the Netherlands, has already enrolled health workers in the trial— got the BCG vaccine and received a placebo. Any unauthorised use or reproduction of bdnews Or More.

When will we be able to end the lockdown? Scientists find correlation between mandatory TB vaccines and fewer coronavirus deaths. Otazu is working on a second version of his study that will address some of their concerns. More stories. Virus patients respond to Gilead's remdesivir. Sabrina Flora in quarantine. Pandemic could trigger social unrest: IMF.

jamuna tv investigation 360 contact number

US investigating if virus came from Wuhan lab: Trump. Placing virus patients on their stomachs can save lives. Trump halts WHO funding. Starve the beast, feed the depression. Most Read.Please provide search keyword s. The investigators said they believe it would not be possible for her to carry out the rogue acts without the knowledge of the hotel authorities and the backing of influential people.

A video of Papia and some other young women talking to Mohd Noor Ali, one of the owners of Westin, has gone viral. The police are quizzing the couple in custody having been granted 15 days of their remand in three cases on charges related to counterfeit currencies discovered on them during the arrest at Shahjalal International Airport, and a firearm and foreign liquor seized during raids on their flats.

The Detective Branch of police is investigating the cases started by the RAB while the Criminal Investigation Department is initiating another case on charges of money laundering. The investigators said they were collecting mobile phone call records of the people with alleged links to Papia. Rana said they were analysing the information teased out from the couple during the remand to find out who else were involved with them.

Moshiur Rahman, a DB deputy commissioner investigating the allegations against Papia, said they have gathered information related to the charges against her.

They will initiate a case next week once they have information, Faruq said. The Anti-Corruption Commission is also weighing whether to launch a formal investigation against Papia and Sumon.

Bangladesh arrests owners of blaze-hit Dhaka tower

It has sought information from Westin. Any unauthorised use or reproduction of bdnews When will we be able to end the lockdown? Police investigating social media names, videos over Papia-Westin scandal.

The police are investigating a number of politicians, bureaucrats and businesses who have been named or seen in videos circulated on social media for their alleged links to Shamima Noor Papia, a ruling party operative expelled on charges of running escort services at The Westin Dhaka. More stories. Bangladesh reports 15 more virus deaths. UNO, OC sued over relief fraud. ACC warns against health worker eviction. Tremor felt in Chattogram. Army man dies in Dhaka crash. Starve the beast, feed the depression.

Most Read.Jamuna Television Limited an associate company of the Jamuna Group, has been launched as an exclusive round-the-clock satellite news channel to provide most up-to-date national and international news and information to the people of Bangladesh and viewers abroad. The company is committed to putting in place the best possible human and technical resources in order to achieve excellence in performance. Server 1. Report Broken Channel. Abong Television. AL Dawah TV.

jamuna tv investigation 360 contact number

Al Jazeera. Al-Quran Radio.

Chikungunya viral disease spreads fast in Dhaka

Al-Quran- Listen Online. Amader Shomoy. Ananda TV. Asian TV. ATN Bangla. ATN Music. ATN News. Azan TV. Bangla Radio FM. Bangla TV UK. Bangladesh Betar. BBC Bangla. BD My Cinema. Bijoy TV. Binodon Bangla. Boishakhi TV. Btv Chittagong. Btv World. Channel Channel 52 TV. Channel A. Channel i Europe. Channel Movie 2. Channel S UK. City FM Colours FM. Daily Inqilab. Daily Ittefaq.

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Daily Jaijaidin. Daily Jugantor.

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