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Armbian s905

By balbesMay 6, in TV boxes. Information in this topic is very outdated see this topic. The Boot Priority is different from the Odroid C2, it will only check the EMMC, does someone knows if this is more a hardware or software configuration? Is M8s mini much different? But yeah, I've got the cable and would love to try the dirty method on M8s. No, I uses the how-to from cnx-software, but at the moment the manual way, I will automate it and describe how to change the right things, so the Android will work and if you boot with a SD card it will boot from this.

Important is, the cable have to be 3,3 Volt like for the raspberry pi, so I use a converter with an CP, this is 3,3 and 5V tolerant.

Banana Pi BPI-M5 with Amlogic S905x3 chip design ,test armbian system

Does the service require any particular cookie or javascript settings? On the right side, click on the. E Fritz LOL! Shimon What do you need? Probably this will update the u-boot environment to enable to boot from the SD card for those firmwares who not allows it.

armbian s905

The automatic procedure changes the u-boot environment. Thanks fritz! We'll see about Mini M8s. It probably stops booting after ca. Any suggestions of a different minimal image? Thanks for the suggestion balbes, I have been bitten by using USB port no. Using other ports and your own universal Ubuntu image without resizing the ext4 partition 16G cardhaving added an appropriate dtb. Done the same on M8S mini, changing the dtb file and it also seems to work.

There's one snag, though. Is it a firmware problem? Yes, it is. It was rather lucky to discover booting the box headless made a difference cause I was about to draw wrong conclusions. Google splash screen. Is there a way to implement VESA modes from odroid's boot. At the moment, both in Android and Linux, p doesn't display correctly ca. What is your monitor model? What resolution and refresh rate it supports? The settings are easy to change.

Clone the git to select or create a new text file with the necessary set of commands with extension txt. Copy the new file instead.By balbesMay 6, in TV boxes.

armbian s905

Shutdown works only if called before logon from lightdm. Shutdown from mate hangs. Filesystem seems OK when reboot after hang. You need to have a number of elements with reference to the model of the TV box, which is going the way 3in1. The source code u-boot version which has the command you want u-boot must be able to start the any system from partitions of internal drive. Writing new dtb … done. Need a connected console UART. No matters what image i tried to use, and most of the dtb's that was used to work in the past for me.

Thanks for the IceWM images, as i am a great fan of this window manager, and also IceWM makes this boxes fly literally. But the other issues don't affects me. Have you tried the latest test image Armbian Mate ? I added a large number of new dtb which are used in LE Kszaq. I received only one answer in a new way. Describing the problem with shutting down.

By the way, I checked this message, the system shuts down, but sometimes it takes up to minutes I have not yet found a dependency, why it happens. I understand that you, like me, are a fan of IceWM? Yes, i am. I'm giving you this link, because i was thinking to do the same with armbian for my MiniM8S box.

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The livecd is generated by a script that i am developing lately. This could become the ultimate IceWM armbian distro of all times. Oh, we think about the same To replace the firmware or try to add encryption support to kernel and system but not the fact that it will help to use an encrypted system.

There are options on how to make a image for all tests. Remove from the system unnecessary files, and personal settings. Repack the rootfs and boot received in the archives. Unzip archives and copy files to the media. Copy the image from media using dd.

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armbian s905

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If the software is stable enough we add the option to upgrade to XFCE desktop. The availability of different images may vary, most of the time because of driver restriction. Sometimes we provide only testing images. Where images are compressed with. Insert the SD card into the slot, connect a cable to your network if possible or a display and power your board. Then you are prompted to change this password US-Keyboard setting.

When done, you are asked to create a normal user-account for your everyday tasks. Support is provided as far as possible in general there is no support for 3rd party hardware like DVB tuners and software like Kodi.

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Your help to improve this situation is greatly appreciated. Reasons for moving to this section:. There is no support whatsoever. Each supported Armbian image can be made from scratch — from latest kernel and u-boot sources, updated upstream packages and our most recent bug fixes and improvements. In that process you can enforce many customization. To the kernel or user space. Read more. Please visit our NanoPi K2 S page for more information about cookies and how we use them.By balbesMay 6, in TV boxes.

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For me all old image 3. In you case, with 1gb i strongly recomend use armhf browser instead of arm64 if you need havy browser like chromium or firefox. And very important - disable all kind of hw acceleration in browser setting Hi, I was trying armbian images with 4.

It's working fine but I facing 2 issues:. Always says module not found. The problem I have is I need to make the wifi work on this box. The install of Armbian is not finding the wifi hardware and installing drivers.

I tried the methods at the top of this post for wifi and none of them work on this box. Maybe I need to build drivers for it myself? Sorry, not familiar with mecool bb2 pro but as a general tip when debugging wifi problems, I found kernel 3. I tried changing in uEnv. Maybe I need to try another dtb file in that build.

No luck for the moment, i'm going to try to use the box for Domoticz usage installed it and had the webpage working but i have trouble with armbian and internal box hw. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead. I still can't boot Armbian in a Mecool Ki Pro. I have been using an Arch Linux image that I found on a website but it came with few things installed, and after installing more applications and configuring things now it randomly freeze.

I only wanted compile applications for using in LibreElec. I changed boxes i have several mini m8sand one is working modprobe bs display now a wlan0 in ifconfig. If you run ArchLinux, so Armbian can start. They use close kernels the kernel in ArchLinux is added from Armbian.

The BT dongle had no spesifiic name, just a cheap one from the "Clas Ohlson" store here in Norway, but it worked right of of the box. WiFi worked with the built-in and the AS driver module from Github. Is it purely trial and error? Some of these KLMs will load and show with lsmod, but no wifi. I'm motivated to make a donation armbian. I can't get any of the images in 5.

Kernel 3. I have tried all the gxbb dtb's on previous versions and the only one that works with those mentioned boxes is the p dtb.

TUTORIAL (S905/S905X/S912): How to install Armbian Linux

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NanoPi K2 S905

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armbian s905

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